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Please see below for information and pricing of services I offer. Once we begin to work together, we will make a plan for the type of session you need and how often. I will give you my recommendations, but you are always able to select what works best for you. 

 If you have any questions, contact me directly!

Crystal Grid Session

Assorted Crystals

Creating crystal grids and infusing them with Reiki is a powerful form of energy work that removes blocks keeping you from healing and reaching your goals. We can build crystal grids remotely in a number of different ways depending on your needs and preference. Contact me to learn more! $30 

Energy Session

Image by Christina @

We schedule an energy session when your body indicates it is ready to go deep and get rid of a large amount of energy fast. The actual energy session is 60-90 minutes long. Afterward I send you a long, detailed email about what we did and steps you may need to take to continue the work on your own. $120

EFT Teaching Session

Girl Using Laptop

This is a 60 minute phone or videochat session dedicated to teaching you how to use EFT on your own. You will leave knowing what to do and all the materials you will need to continue using it for self-healing. Follow up EFT sessions can teach additional techniques or help you use it effectively for specific problem.  $60

Mini Sessions

Image by Estée Janssens

There are times that you have a specific need for mini sessions to continue working on an issue. This might be once a week for 6 weeks or every day for 7 days. While doing mini sessions we keep in consistent contact via text or email to make sure you are seeing progress. Mini sessions are usually scheduled as a group so you know up front how much you will spend. $80/hour.

Home Energy Clearing

Rustic Fireplace

Sometimes when your energy starts to change you notice energy problems in your home causing discomfort or sleep issues. Energy can get stuck in your bed, in rooms you use often, or in places that hold bad memories. I can remotely clear stagnant and blocked energy in your home which will help you feel more at peace as you heal. Home sessions usually take 45 minutes and I will follow up with a detailed email about the work I did in your home.  $50

Coaching Session

Woman on her Tablet

Coaching sessions are highly customized to your goals and needs. We usually spend 60-90 minutes working together on the phone or on videochat. By the end of the session you will have a plan for what to work on and the tools you need to do the work. I will follow up a few days after the session to check in and see if you need more support to follow through on what we did in the coaching session. $100

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