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Please see below for information and pricing of services I offer. If you have any questions, please do contact me!

Distance Healing Package

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You will get two conferences with me (phone or videochat), one full remote healing session, a check-in, and a mini energy session follow-up.  $150

Learn more about this at Remote Sessions.

Mini Healing Sessions

There are times after a full energy session (part of the Distance Healing Package) that you have a specific need for mini sessions to continue working on an issue. This may be once a week for 6 weeks or every day for 7 days. Pricing may vary, but usually ends up between $10 and $20 per mini-session and are usually scheduled as a group.

Remote EFT Teaching Session

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This is a 45 minute phone or videochat session dedicated to teaching you how to use EFT in your healing practice.  $50

Remote EFT Work Session

Once you know how to use EFT, we can schedule a 30 minute phone or videochat session dedicated to using it to work through an issue together.  $30

Home Energy Clearing

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Sometimes when your energy starts to change you notice energy problems in your home causing discomfort or sleep issues. I can remotely clear stagnant and blocked energy in your home.  $50

Chakra Balancing Session

 Some people can tell as soon as their chakras are out of balanced and their energy is blocked. You will get a remote Chakra balancing and cleansing along with a phone or videochat follow up conference.  $60