Please see below for information and pricing of services I offer. If you have any questions, please do contact me!

Distance Healing Package

You will get one full remote healing session (Reiki, IET, and Chakra balancing, as needed), one follow-up conference, and one check-in (within two weeks of the session).  $120

Chakra Balancing Session

You will get a remote Chakra balancing and cleansing along with a phone or videochat follow up conference.  $60

Remote EFT Session

A 30 minute phone or videochat dedicated to using EFT to work through an issue together.  $50

Home Energy Clearing

I can remotely clear stagnant and blocked energy in your home.  $50

Animal Distance Healing

I can connect with your pet for distance healing.  I use Reiki and Chakra balancing and then send you an email summary after the session. $70

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