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How do remote sessions work?

The full energy session and coaching package consists of a number of steps.

  • First, we connect via phone or videochat and talk about the goals you want to work toward. We set up a date and time for your energy session. I usually recommend receiving a session when you are not driving or at work, just in case you get sleepy.

  • I send the session to you at the designated time and take notes on what we work on. During a session I work with your body to discover what it needs and I use the energy techniques best suited to your unique situation. 

  • After the session we either schedule a follow-up phone call/videoconference or I write you a long, detailed email about what we worked on in the energy session. I also provide suggestions and coaching for work you can do on your own to assist the healing process.

  • If often takes a few days for the full impact of the energy session to be felt. In that time, you go about your life, work on any suggestions I gave you, and notice how you feel.

  • In 3-5 days I check in to see how things are going, answer questions, and see if there are any outstanding concerns we need to address immediately. If there is a need, I will do a follow-up mini-session just to check in on your energy body and see what it going on. 

  • Everyone responds to energy work differently. Some people are ready for their next session in 2 weeks and others need more time to process the energy and coaching. I emphasize your own intuition in knowing when you are ready to move on. I can also send you a quick energy inquiry to see if you are ready for another big session. Once we both feel confident that it is time to continue, we'll schedule the next session and go through the whole process again.

  • Occasionally people need a week of mini-sessions because their body is slowly letting energy go every day, or perhaps they need a mini-session every week for several weeks in a row. If there is some reason to do this, I will tell you what I recommend, why, and suggest a calendar and pricing schedule so you have all the information you need to make a decision. 

To learn more about the sessions and other information, check out the FAQs here.

Crater Lake

Why do you only work remotely?

For a number of reasons (including Covid-19) remote work is the best option right now. Technology makes long-distance coaching easy. Also, I love doing remote energy sessions because it allows me to focus on your energy body without distractions. It can also be very relaxing for you to receive your session wherever you want and you don’t need to jump off a treatment table to rush back home. Distance work can take place anytime and anywhere, so we are not limited by time or location. 

How can you do energy work from far away?

Energy is not limited  by time and space. Quantum physics has proven that we are all energetically connected at a sub-atomic level. Sending Reiki and IET® energy from 100 miles away is just as easy as sending it from one foot away. It can take place anytime and anywhere you want it to!

EFT Tapping and all the other coaching techniques that I use can easily be taught via videochat. Once you know the techniques, I can coach you in using them to work toward your goals.

Distance Healing Options

A complete distance healing package includes one energy session, individualized coaching, and one mini energy session follow-up for $150.

I also offer a variety of stand-alone coaching sessions and mini energy sessions based on your needs. Check out my services page for more information or contact me to talk about your unique situation.

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Try It

Still not sure what think? I get it. I thought it was all pretty weird at first. It was a relief to talk to someone about it before I committed to anything. That's why I want to give you a chance to try it out for yourself. Send me a message on the Contact Me page for a free consultation and/or a free ten minute healing session. There is no obligation and no mailing list. I'm happy to answer all your questions and let you try a mini session for free. Maybe this is the thing that finally moves you through to the healing you want.

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