Remote Energy Work

Energy sessions sent to you anytime and anywhere.

Why do you only do distance healing?

Personally, I love distance healing because it allows me to focus on your energy body without distractions. There is no stress that I need to finish at a certain time. It can also be very relaxing for you to receive your session where you don’t need to jump off a treatment table and rush back home. Distance work can take place anytime and anywhere, so we are not limited by time or location.

How do remote sessions work?

Energy is not limited  by time and space. Quantum physics has proven that we are all energetically connected at a sub-atomic level. Sending Reiki and IET® energy from 100 miles away is just as easy as sending it from one foot away. Remote energy therapy can be even more powerful than in-person sessions because I concentrate solely on channeling energy to where you need it most. It can take place anytime and anywhere you want it to!

EFT Tapping is a technique that I can teach you via videochat and support you as you use it, but I do not have to be present for it to be effective. You do your own tapping, I just assist you with the process. In fact, as you get proficient with it, you will find that you can use it completely independently whenever you want.


Distance Healing Options

A complete distance healing package includes two virtual meetings with me and one energy session. There are also smaller options such as a stand-alone EFT session, Reiki for your pets, and remote energy clearing for your home.


To learn more about the sessions and other information, check out the FAQs here.

Try It

Still not sure what think? I get it. I thought it was all pretty weird at first. It was a relief to talk to someone about it before I committed to anything. That's why I want to give you a chance to try it out for yourself. Send me a message on the Contact Me page for a free consultation and/or a free ten minute healing session. There is no obligation and no mailing list. I'm happy to answer all your questions and let you try a mini session for free. Maybe this is the thing that finally moves you through to the healing you want.

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