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Your Health is Connected to Everything, Part 2

My last video blog post was about how your health is connected to everything around you. You influence the health and wellness of everyone in this world and they in turn influence you. In the same way, the environment around you is affected by your choices and your choices are affected by the environment. We live in a physical and energetic reality in which everything is intertwined. If you want to see that post or watch the video, you can find it here: Your Health is Connected to Everything.

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Today I want to dive a little deeper into some specifics about this actually happens in the world. I have a few examples of ways in which we participate in a system that perpetuates massive problems such as pesticides and herbicides in the environment, forest fires, water shortages, climate change, and more. Whether we like it or not, our everyday choices affect these big problems, and in many ways these problems affect our everyday lives. Everything is intertwined.

I'm not writing this to put guilt on anyone. Trust me when I say that I've suffered many years of guilt over these topics and it isn't helpful at all. So this is more an exercise in being informed, learning how to create your own best life, and making conscious choices to help others create their best lives too. None of us live in a vacuum. When we are sick and unhealthy it affects other people and the environment. When they are sick and unhealthy it affects us. The circle goes round and round. Only be being aware and making different choices can we begin to break that cycle.

So if you are at a point in your journey where you are ready to deal with this, then dive on it! If today you are working on surviving another day, or dealing with pain, or just getting through your week, then save this for another time. You can always come back to it later. I won't be offended!

I apologize that the sound isn't great. I came inside because it was so windy thinking the sound would be better. It really wasn't. Next week I'll try out my new microphone and we'll see how that goes. I just didn't have time to retape this today.

If you are familiar with these ideas, then this video probably felt like old news. If you are new to this concept, it might feel overwhelming. A few things to note:

  • We all have some responsibility to fix these systems we participate in, but we don't have to walk around feeling guilt all the time. We all grew up in these systems that we did not create and most of us do not have any significant power to change them. So we choose to start where we are without guilt and move forward from here.

  • We all do have a little power to help change these systems, though. If every single person made one choice every week to change something in our lives that would create better systems, we'd make a lot of progress quickly.

  • There are a lot of organizations and individual people creating change every day. If you are interested in a particular topic, do a search for it with the word "change" and see what is going on. There are many inspiring stories out there.

If you want to learn more, here is one good place to start: The Story of Stuff Project (book/website/videos)

You can check out my blog post How to Change the World where I talk about how important all our small decisions are to creating larger change.

And I'm working on curating ideas on Pinterest around these topics. I'll be slowly adding more of my own in the future, so if you are a Pinterest fan you can follow me there!

Harmonious Renewal on Pinterest

And as always, contact me at any time if you want to talk more!

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