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Your Health is Connected to Everything

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

If you want to transform your life you need to face the fact that your health is intimately connected to everything around you. Your wellness affects the people and environment around you and their wellness affects yours. Physically and energetically there are millions of ways that your own healing is reflected in the world and vice versa.

Realize that everything connects to everything else. Leonardo da Vinci

On this blog I've talked about how your own stuff (good and bad) affects everything around you. We've also talked about if you want to change the world the only place you can start is with yourself because that is all you have control over. So if you are in the beginning stages of getting unstuck or changing your health or trying to make a better world, then start in the microcosm of your own life. Focus on the little things you have control over and make positive shifts for yourself. Don't tackle the big things right away. It's unrealistic to think you can do it all at once.

However, when you are ready to move on and really start changing your life and your world, you will need to explore the interconnections that link us all. Nothing exists on its own. What we purchase or throw away affects people on the other side of the globe. In return, their health and the health of their local environment affects us.

We've seen this very clearly during the Covid pandemic. Workers get sick, a factory is shut down, and the whole world feels the reverberations of that for months to come. We are seeing this as well on an environmental level. For example, manufacturers like to make things using cheap corn. Cheap corn is grown using large amounts of chemicals, fertilizer and water. This "cheap" corn is subsidized by the government and shipped around the world using a lot of fuel. The problem is that all these inputs affect other parts of the environment and financial networks creating an unsustainable system. So on this level, the food you purchase in intimately tied to your own health, but also to the health of the environment, farm workers, financial networks, fuel supplies, and more.

It's a little overwhelming.

Which is why I want to take it slow. This video explains a little about why I see our health being intimately intertwined with the health of all people and the world. It also introduces some basic concepts that I will continue to talk about on this blog. If this a new idea for you, watch the video and start to shift your thinking toward seeing yourself as a piece of the big picture. I promise I don't dive too deep, so you won't get overwhelmed!

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