What is Energy Work?

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

About half the people I talk to about energy work know what I mean right away. The other half either know nothing or just think it is plain weird. I get it- I used to think it was weird too. I spent years avoiding it because I didn’t trust anyone enough to spend my hard-earned money trying it. But once I took the plunge, I realized it was the missing piece that my body needed to heal.

Bouncing balls of light

So what is energy work? It is any practice that works directly with the flow of energy in your body or in your environment. We scientifically minded Westerners tend to think that everything is matter, except for those few things like sunlight, electricity, or wifi. In reality, though, everything is made of energy. Matter is energy that is moving slowly enough it seems to be solid, but it is actually vibrating at a level that is hard to detect. Our senses also detect less solid forms of energy such as heat, light, color, sound, smell, magnetism, etc. Think a little harder and you might remember times when you felt someone’s emotional energy or got a “bad vibe” from a place you visited. Have you ever been in a near accident and found yourself shaking afterward? We call that a stress release but it is really just energy your body is getting rid of. Ever get an EKG? That is a test that measures the electromagnetic energy of your heart. Ever feel better after a workout? That is your body releasing stagnant energy. The more you think about it, the more you realize that there are many things in our lives that are energy even though we don’t generally label it as such. Once you see the world around you as forms of energy, working with energy makes more sense.

So everything is energy. It moves in us and through us, connecting us to others, bringing us information, and allowing us to send good and bad things out into the world. Energy itself isn’t good or bad, it simply is. What happens if energy gets stuck and is not able to flow? Imagine the plumbing in your home. What happens when the pipes freeze, the sink gets clogged, or the sewer pipe backs up? Well, things break and cause a huge stinky mess that you or your landlord have to fix, generally with a lot of anger and money involved. Now imagine what happens when energy in your body gets blocked. Your knee hurts, your stomach rebels, you can’t sleep, or your teeth start to rot in your mouth. If you ignore these problems, they eventually become a big, stinky mess that needs to be fixed. Just as a plumber can find and repair the flow of water in your house, an energy worker is trained to find your energy blocks, release them, and get the energy flowing again.

Woman doing yoga
Yoga is an ancient form of energy work.

Humans have always been aware of the flow of energy. For thousands of years people have used Yoga, Qui-Gong, acupuncture, Feng Shui, crystals, salt baths, and more to keep their energy open and moving. Today we have additional practices such as Reiki, EFT (tapping), IET®, reflexology, Healing Touch, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Rolfing, and many others. All these practices focus on locating and releasing energy blocks. When energy flows, your body is naturally able to heal. The energetic exchange between you and the world is returned to balance so you can freely give and receive. Some energy work can be done on your own while other energy work requires a dedicated and experienced practitioner. Whatever the practice is, the underlying assumption is that you and your world is made of energy that needs to flow and move for health and life. Does it sound like something we should pay attention to?

Of course, once you accept that everything is energy and that there are ways to influence this flow of energy, there are more questions that arise. Are energy workers weird? Does it actually have real, physical results? Is it scientific? Is it magic? It is evil? These are all questions we talk about here.

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