The Journey to Wholeness and Purpose

Updated: Jan 16

Healing can be described as the journey toward wholeness, toward who you are supposed to be in this world. As you travel through life, you encounter emotions, ideas, beliefs, and experiences. Some of these spur you on toward the most complete expression of yourself, while others block the path toward who you are to become. These blocks grow into challenges in your life such as fears, limiting beliefs, or illnesses that leave you fractured and bruised. Over time they build up, trying to get your attention to let you know they need to be healed. The more you ignore them, the harder they work to hijack your life until you are forced to stop and admit that somewhere you got off track.

Have you ever stopped long enough to wonder, “How in the world did I get here? Is this who I am supposed to be? Is there a better version of me out there that I lost along the way?” If you have ever felt something similar to this, then you are hearing the voice of your best self calling to be freed from the restrictions of your past. The moment when you decide to love yourself enough to let go of who you are and go looking for who you are supposed to be is the moment when your journey toward wholeness begins.

Love is able to look at your life, all the pains, hurts, limiting beliefs, fears, and failures and sift through it all to find the essence of you who are supposed to be. It knows what to get rid of and what to keep. It knows how to burn away old hurts in the furnace of forgiveness in order to find the core elements of who you are meant to be. Love can see the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stuff that is holding you back and provide the path for you to release it all. In the process of letting go of all that is no longer needed, you also find that what is left is the pure center of who you are supposed to become.

Once you start on the path toward wholeness you begin to discover who you are supposed to be in the world. The next logical step is to ask, "Why? Why am I supposed to be this person? What am I supposed to do? How does the world need this person I am learning to be?" This is the call to begin the journey toward your life purpose. Who you are supposed to be and your purpose are intertwined. You can't completely be who you are supposed to be in the world unless you find and follow your purpose. In the same way, your purpose will not be fulfilled if you cannot learn to be who you are supposed to be.

The necessary element needed to begin your journey toward your purpose is faith. Faith is trust in the Divine. It is trust that there is an overarching plan to existence and that you were created to be a part of that plan. It is knowing that you are actually going somewhere on this journey, even if you can't yet see where or how. It is the fundamental belief that you, living in the wholeness refined by love, are supposed to be doing something particular in this world.

Once you have faith in these basic truths, then you are ready to begin your journey toward your purpose. Your purpose is not likely one peak experience in your life but is made up of many facets of relationships, experiences, and creative acts only you can complete. It is complicated and will often not be completely clear until later when you look back to see how your purpose unfolded in your life. Faith again steps in to assure you that if you are following your path toward wholeness and seeking your purpose in life, you will find it. You will be guided every step of the way toward who you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to do. The journey might not be easy, but together love and faith know where you are going and how to get there.

If you are just starting your journey toward wholeness, then begin by letting go of who you are. Work on healing and releasing old stuff holding you back. Meditative visualization is the perfect way to surrender to love and ask for guidance for your journey. Here is a visualization I wrote a few months back that will help you identify limiting beliefs keeping you from becoming who you are supposed to be. This is another one I created that will guide you to one energy cord that you need to let go of to start your journey toward wholeness. There is no background music for either one, so put on your favorite Zen tunes and relax into the guidance you will receive.

If you have been working on your journey toward wholeness and are starting to wonder where this is leading, then it is time to take the next step of faith toward your purpose. Healing is not your end goal. Your purpose is to become whole so that you can bring love to this world in some way that is unique to you. This new visualization was created to help you center yourself in faith and start your journey toward your purpose. Get comfortable, turn on some quiet music, and settle into the visualization that will guide you toward the next step you need to take to live your purpose.

I wish you love and faith on your journey.

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