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Self healing with Energy Work

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The topic I want to address in this post is vital to the work I do at Harmonious Renewal. It is a concept so basic it seems silly to even say it. On the other hand, it is so revolutionary it might change your life.


You know exactly what you need to heal.

Stop! Do NOT throw your device across the room. I know that sounds infuriating, but hear me out.

You know exactly what you need to heal.

That implies first that you CAN heal. Your body can heal. Your emotions and your heart can heal. Your mind and your soul can heal. We’re taught to believe that we can’t heal. That we are too broken. That we need the meds or the therapy just to keep going. That we can manage all our symptoms and just deal with it. But if you’re reading this post, my guess is that you don’t really believe that. You’re searching for another answer. You want to heal. You want to believe you can. Starting now, you can believe it, because it is true.

You want to heal. You want to be free and move on with your life. You’ve probably had all the tests, talked to all the experts, listened to all the advice, took all the pills, went to all those appointments. The problem is, YOU are the only one who knows what you need. No expert or external source can give that to you. Only yourself.

That being said, you probably don’t consciously know what you need to heal at this moment. If you did, you would already have done it. Here’s the thing. That information is locked away in your mind, your soul, your body. You don’t just ask and it appears (usually). You have to do the work to access it. There are many ways to do it (read more about that here). Whatever your path, there are three important elements you need to get started.

Love yourself

Nothing can happen until you love yourself. Love who you are right now, despite (or because of) what you want to change. Love your determination to heal. Love your willingness to accept only the best for yourself. Love your body and your mind. Love the good and that bad in your life. Love the story of how you got to this point. Learning to do this is part of the journey and necessary for healing.

Get quiet and listen

If you aren’t feeling healthy or whole it is because your body, your mind, and your spirit are trying to tell you something. The only way you can hear what they are telling you is to get very quiet. Listen to that still, small voice. Take the day off. Go for a walk. Meditate. Pray. Turn off your phone. Do some yoga. Stare at some clouds. Lie on the floor and let it all go. Whatever you do, you have to STOP and LISTEN. You are being sent messages all day long. Take the time to hear them. This isn’t easy and you might need some help, but if you learn to listen your body will tell you what to do.

Be willing to change

Whatever you have been doing has got you where you are now and it is unlikely it will get you to where you want to go. So something is going to have to change. Probably a lot of somethings. You may need to change your diet, your location, your habits, your self-talk, your friends, your job, your brand of soap. Big or small, be open to it. Be willing to try new things. Be adventurous. Be brave.

Everyone’s healing journey is unique. I can’t tell you exactly what to do or what steps to take. I can tell you that if you follow the three main principles above, you will find your path to healing. There are thousands of therapies and practices to get you there. I’ve found that EFT, Reiki and IET® were instrumental in my journey. Add mediation, yoga, lots of time alone in nature, and a boatload of supplements and I’ve healed some significant issues in my life. Your journey may have some of those elements but will also have some unique to you.

What I can offer you at Harmonious Renewal is the energy work to remove the underlying energy blocks that keep you from healing. I can help you get quiet and listen to your body as it tries to tell you what it needs. I can teach you a host of other energy techniques and practices you can use on your own to create your own healing journey. I can help you connect with your higher self and discover the life you were meant to live.

Can I give you everything you need?

Nope. It’s your journey. I’ll help you out as much as I can. I can teach you to listen to yourself and know what you need. Eventually, you won’t need me any more. That is good.

Can you heal everything?

I have no easy answer for that. Theoretically, everything can be healed. In reality, some things are in our lives for a purpose and need to remain to fulfill that purpose. Part of the healing process might be your peace with the situation. I know that sounds wishy-washy. I just don’t want to make promises to you I can’t keep. I’ve done a lot of healing in the past five years but I still have a few things I’d love to heal. I can’t tell you why it hasn’t all gone away. At this point, I’m accepting that my journey is not over and leaving it at that.

Where can you start? Simple. This week start with three things:

Love yourself: Go to a mirror. Look yourself in the eye. Say, “I love you and I’m here for you. We are going to get through this together.”

Get quiet and listen: Find time this week to stop and be quiet. Be very still and ask your body, “What do you need?” Listen until you hear an answer.

Be willing to change: Change one thing this week. Make your bed. Eat something new. Throw out some junk. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Prove to yourself you are willing to do things differently.

Start your journey. You can do it.

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