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Other People Affect Your Health

Looking down from above at five women at the beach stacking hands.

When you get to a certain point in your healing journey you realize that your health is connected to everyone around you and their health is connected to yours. Even though the only place you can begin your healing journey is with yourself, the work you are doing helps to heal others ( On the other hand, other people's healing can help you along your way (that's good!) but their issues can also hold you back (not so good). So being aware of these interconnections is important as you try to figure out how and why you might be stuck.

In this video I cover many ways that our health is connected with others. From the obvious (stress affecting those around us) to the less obvious (old emotional energy blocking others from healing) our emotional, mental, physical, and energetic health is tied to the people around you. I also talk about the problem of Woundology (getting stuck in the identity of your wounds), how you are the average of the people you hang out with most often, and why it can be hard to figure out where someone else's problems end and yours begins. If you have been trying to reach goals and feel better, but can't figure out what is holding you back, then this might help you get unstuck! Watch the video and check out the links below for more!


Your Health is Connected to Everything Part 1:

Your Health is Connected to Everything Part 2:

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