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More on Crystals for Energy Work

Last week we started talking about using crystals for energy work (check out that post here). To sum it up in a few sentences, “crystals” is not a scientific term but a popular reference to stones gems, minerals, crystals, and mineraloids that are used for metaphysical practice. Crystals can be selected for their unique energy signatures that work with your own energy body to promote healing. If you want to change your life, crystals can be a part of your journey, although they are not going to magically fix everything that is currently wrong.

Eight uncut raw crystals of various colors on a wooden tray.

We also touched on the fact that metaphysical stores are full of books and the internet is full of lists that give you ideas of crystals you can use to solve all your problems. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just open up another tab in your browser and type in “crystals for abundance.” When you do this, you will find thousands of search results telling you all the crystals that will solve your money woes. Here is a short list of crystals that the internet says can bring you financial abundance: Jade (a traditional crystal for wealth), aventurine, tiger eye, pyrite, amethyst, garnet, carnelian, sodalite, quartz, malachite, and many more. Why are there so many crystals that people claim can be used to attract abundance? The simple answer is that no one crystal works for everyone in the same way. Yes, some people will find that pyrite helps them while others find that aventurine is the best crystal for them. Assuming that some will actually help you, I have no idea how people who compile these lists choose what to put on there, but none will work for everyone all the time.

Here is the question behind the question, though: Can crystals actually help attract abundance? In short, no. Crystals don’t really “attract” anything. They don’t attract love, a good job, spirituality, peace, or anything else. They aren’t prescriptions that you write to get the things you want from life. Want love? Take these two crystals and wait two weeks for your soulmate to show up!

Sorry, it doesn’t actually work that way. That’s part of an old paradigm and is no longer the best way to think of how to work with crystals. Yes, I know there is a long tradition of using symbols, crystals, and other things to attract what you want from life. However, energy work is evolving along with the rest of the world, and we need to move on from those old stories.

The new paradigm understands that your body is complicated and made up of many layers of energy from your own experiences, your environment, your family, your culture, and your beliefs. Some of this energy shouldn’t be there and has created energy blocks in your system. These energy blocks contribute to health problems, relationship issues, financial challenges, generational trauma, and more. Doing any kind of energy work, including Reiki, EFT, IET, crystal work, essential oils, acupressure, etc. is about clearing these energy blocks so your energy body can heal. Once your body is back to a healthy flow, you manifest, or “attract” what you want in your own life.

So, crystals don’t attract your desires to you, but they help you clear out the energetic roadblocks keeping you from getting to where you want to go. Sometimes crystals can’t clear the roadblock on their own, but they can help you see they is there so you can deal with them another way.

I like to think of crystals as partners in your healing work. They can’t solve all your problems for you, but they can help you along the way.

The other piece to this that you need to understand is that everyone’s energy blocks are unique to them. The energetic things blocking my path to abundance are very different than the energetic things blocking your path to abundance. We may be able to use some of the same crystals to clear our energy blocks, but it is much more likely that we’ll each need a very different set of crystals to achieve our goals. All the crystals that work for me will not all work for you. That’s why those lists of crystals you can find on the internet or in books can be a place to start, but they will rarely be all you need to change your life.

Actually, just using crystals likely won’t get you all the way to where you want to go. There are many types of energy blocks and many ways to clear them. Sometimes crystals are most effective and sometimes Reiki is most effective. Sometimes you can use a visualization and sometimes you can use EFT. The reason why I work with so many different energy modalities in my practice is because they all work in different circumstances and none of them work in every circumstance.

Sorry, I never said this would be easy.

A collection of uncut raw crystals and smooth, tumbled crystals of various colors sitting on a table.

Now that I’ve torn apart the old paradigm of crystal use to attract what you want, let me tell you how I see the new paradigm working. I’m not claiming that I understand this 100%. The thing with new paradigms is that we don’t always understand them immediately. I may need to edit this post in a year to clarify some things I’ve learned, but I feel reasonably confident that these basics are true.

First, crystals can help clear energy blocks. If I sense an energy block, I can select a crystal that will help me clear it. Sometimes the clearing takes two minutes, sometimes it takes two weeks. The key here is that I don’t have to name the block or know how to look it up in a book. I might know it is emotional or mental or hereditary but usually I have no idea, I just go with my intuition, sense it is there, and find a crystal that can help me clear it.

In a way, my big goal is not in mind at this moment. I’m focused on the smaller goal of clearing this block I feel. To do this intentionally involves a lot of intuitive practice and some understanding of my energy body. I suspect a lot of people do this unintentionally on a regular basis without understanding what is behind it. They may look at a list and intuitively pick one that they are attracted to. They may look at a list and pick one that is pretty. Learning more about the new paradigm will help you to make better choices rather than just guessing.

Second, crystals can assist with clearing energy blocks by highlighting the problem. For instance, if you want to create more abundance in your life, you may select a crystal to help you. That crystal may not actually be able to clear all the energy blocks in your way, but it may be able to make you more aware of the blocks that exist. If your block is created by the messages you grew up with about money, then no crystal can automatically erase those messages from your brain. What a crystal can do is help to clear the energy around those blocks that keep you from seeing them as they are. They can help make it clear to you that your issues stem from childhood messages around money. Then you take that clarity and find another tool to help you clear those messages causing the block (EFT is awesome at this!). So, the crystal helped clear the way for you to do the necessary work needed to create abundance.

Often people think that selecting a crystal for abundance will just pull that money right toward you. Unfortunately, that money can’t get to you if there are roadblocks in the way. Crystals might help clear some of them, but more often they just highlight the work you need to do to move the roadblocks yourself. What I’m saying is that there is work involved here that the crystals can’t do for you. Crystal energy work isn’t necessarily the easy way out. There’s no magic bullet here.

You may have noticed that intuition and knowledge both play big roles in this process. Without both of these, you are just guessing and seeing what works. I’m sure many people who love crystals already have an intuitive sense that crystals can help, although they may not understand why or how. Adding what I’ve talked about here to your practice will help you be more effective at selecting crystals and using them to support your healing.

I believe we are all intuitive and can learn to work with crystals without the lists and books. If you feel uncomfortable selecting crystals on your own, that is a skill you can develop. It is something that is hard to teach via blog, so you are interested in learning more you can contact me and we’ll chat. I’ve also connected with people remotely and suggested crystals I can sense will help them reach their goals.

I believe that everyone has unique set of crystals that works best with their own energy body. If you’ve been collecting crystals for energy work, you have likely discovered many of the ones that work well for you. There may still be some out there that you need to add to your collection to fill out the energy signatures you need to work with. I can also help you figure out what those are.

One of the most rewarding types of crystal work I have learned is using crystal grids in my Crystal Reiki class. The combination of the grid, the crystals, and the Reiki energy creates a powerful energy source that can help you work through a lot of blocks and take you far on your journey toward your goals. It may not surprise you that I also have a slightly different take on crystal grids than is popular right now. Next week we’ll dive in and talk more specifically about that.

If you want to talk to me about working with your intuition or crystals, contact me! I love to chat and hear where you are on your journey right now.

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