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Is energy work weird?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The question I get most often about energy work is, “Isn’t that kind of weird?” Honestly, I thought it was all VERY weird before I tried Reiki, IET®, and EFT. Even after trying it I had to get over some of my misperceptions of its weirdness. I finally realized that by “weird” I actually meant a whole bunch of other things. Let’s look at some of them together.

Shopping bags
I think Black Friday shopping is "weird."

First, let me just point out that “weird” is a very subjective term. I think people who want to get up crazy early on Black Friday to go fight the crowds and shop for sales is very weird. (For the record, most of the world also thinks this American tradition is weird.)

When we say, “Isn’t energy work weird?” we may actually mean, “Aren’t energy workers all strange? Don’t they all burn incense, chant, read Tarot, and see things that aren’t really there?” Well, yes, some energy workers are like that, but not all. I’ve met energy workers that are very odd ducks and I’ve also met others that are very down-to-earth professionals. The point is that now I’ve actually met energy workers and found they come in all shapes and sizes. If an RN can talk to me rationally about using Reiki energy in her professional practice, that changes my definition of normal just a bit.

Or maybe we mean to ask, “Is it real? Does it really work?”

I can tell you from my experience that energy work has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Energy work has helped me heal my food sensitivities. I've used EFT to deal with trauma I just assumed I'd have to live with for the rest of my life. I’ve worked with people and animals who have real, physical results. I’ve been in classes with teachers and students who have stories to tell about how Reiki and IET® have changed their lives. Seeing energy healing take place in real life moves it from “weird” to “normal” for me.

This one is also a common definition of “weird.” “Is it evil or ungodly?”

This usually comes from religious folk, and frankly, I don’t blame them. Religious doctrine teaches that anything that isn’t specifically named in their scripture is evil. I can honestly say that nothing about energy work has ever felt wrong to me. Reiki and IET® are based on pure love allowing you to heal and bring joy into the world. IET® works with angelic energy, which may fall into your perception of “weird,” but certainly isn’t evil or unscriptural. It simply isn’t part of “normal” religious experience for many people right now.

Finally, how about this one, “Isn’t it completely unscientific?”

I just want to start by saying that science itself likes to blast the doors off of what we think is normal all the time. Dark matter. Animals who live in ocean vents. Cloning. Water on Mars. Space travel. All these things were fiction before they were proven to be real. Science is just beginning to understand the how and why of energy work. There have been scientific studies conducted on Reiki. Quantum physics confirms some of what energy workers have known for years. Albert Einstein was a firm believer in things we would still label as “mystical.” There is no solid line between science and energy work.

So, is energy work “weird?” Well, I guess it depends on your perspective. Five years ago I would have voiced a fairly confident “yes” to that question. Today I can honestly say that as my experience gets broader my definition of “weird” shrinks (although there are some practices I still have no interest in). The point is, if energy work isn’t in your life experience, then it probably will seem “weird” to you. Before you discount it, check it out. Talk to people about it. Do some more reading. Here are a few good places to start:

And I believe that energy workers are not healers, you are the healer of your own body and mind. Energy workers can help you on journey. You can more about this here on my blog: Self Healing with Energy Work. So if you think energy work might help you, check it out. If you still think it is weird, than you are free to walk away and never think about it again. You are in charge of your own healing journey and can choose what to try and what not to.

If you do want to talk more about energy work, Contact Me and I'll answer your questions as well as I can. Maybe the weirdness will become normal. Maybe it will change your life.

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