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How Your Energy Changes the World

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

A few weeks ago, I wrote this blog post How to Change the World. In it, I talk about how the only way to change the world is to work on your own stuff. I want to dig into that a little deeper today and talk about how this actually works.

Torso view of someone in red outfit holding a glob in their right hand with fields in background.

First of all, what do I mean exactly when I say you need to work on your own stuff? Basically, your stuff is anything keeping you back from being the person you are supposed to be in this world (more on that here). We are all born with a purpose to fulfill as we live out our lives here on this blue and green planet. Stuff in your life can crop up and make it hard for you to see and fulfill your purpose. This “stuff” can be emotions, fears, physical illnesses, attitudes, prejudices, mindsets, beliefs, thoughts, traumas, memories, and more. All this keeps you tied down and powerless to make real change. It distracts you from the most important things you should be doing and keeps you chasing your tail with things that aren’t really necessary.

As science and metaphysics have now proven, everything is energy. Your life purpose also has a particular energy signature that, when lived fully, creates love and positive change. When your life is blocked up with “stuff” then the energy signature of your purpose gets confused. It’s kind of like a radio signal that you can’t quite get clear. You want to listen to the oldies station but keep getting bits of Mariah Carey and Nine Inch Nails mixed in there. It doesn’t quite work and your purpose gets a little muddled, or even completely lost in the mess.

Whether you are living your life purpose or not, you carry the energy of who you are around with you all the time. You are made of a million tiny energy signatures that come together from everything that is a part of you. This energy interacts with the energy of other people, influencing those around you and, in turn, being influenced by their energy as well. In fact, this influence can be so strong that energy can come into resonance with other energy. You see this in families. The kids talk like Mom and Dad, have the same sense of humor, or even repeat the same mannerisms. This is both observational (you copy what you see) but also energetic (you resonate with the energy you feel most often). Have you ever noticed that families tend to have similar problems, such as back problems, headaches, anxiety, or anger? That’s the energy of one (or more) people in the family resonating with others in the family and energetically sharing those problems with everyone.

Three pendulum clocks on wall

The official term for this is entrainment, when energy comes into sync. There’s a famous study that has been repeated many times with clocks. In the experiment, pendulums of many clocks are all set to tick at various speeds. Eventually the clocks all end up ticking together in complete synchronization. (Here is a short article on this along with a video where you can watch this happen with metronomes.)

Just like clocks, families tend to become entrained as parts (usually not all) of their energetic frequencies resonate with each other. If someone in the family is struggling, is tends to pull everyone into the emotional vortex. If you live with other women, you may notice that your hormonal cycles have synced up. It also happens on the levels of beliefs, fears, or attitudes. Did you leave home for the first time in college and suddenly realize that you were carrying around a lot of beliefs or fears that were not yours? They exist in your mind, but also on the energetic level. Leaving home put you in an environment where the energy was no longer in resonance with yours, causing you realize for the first time that you didn’t (or did) want to continue holding on to that energy signature. At that point, you had the option to remove the energy signature from your life.

Entrainment happens in families, but it also happens in larger groups of people who live, work, think, or play together. We tend to seek out people, groups, or places that have energy that is naturally in sync with ours. As we spend time there, our energy can become more deeply entrained. This is both good and bad, depending on the energy. We see this happen in churches, nonprofit organizations, and surfing communities in the exact same way we see it in political groups, gangs, and cults. It’s the same concept, different types of energy.

And that brings us back to the energy of your own stuff. All your “stuff” is mashed into your energy field and constantly sending out energy signals into the world as you go about your daily life. Everything you believe, all your life experiences (good and bad), all the emotions you have held on to, all your fears, and more are sending little packets of information out all day long influencing and being influenced by all around you.

Let’s say that you have a lot of pent-up anger in your body for some reason. You walk around all day sending that energy of anger out into the world. If you are interacting with people who don’t have the energy of anger in their bodies, then your anger might be slightly soothed by their presence. However, the moment you enter a situation where others have the same energy signature, together you create a larger field of anger energy that threatens to spill over into physical manifestation with bickering, irritation, or even fights. In this way, your stuff and everyone else’s stuff interact in a million tiny ways to create the world we live in.

So, what does this have to do with changing the world? Everything! All your energy made up of all your stuff is being influenced and is influencing every person around you all day long. Just as powerfully, the removal or healing of your energy influences everyone around you as well. That means that by dealing with your own stuff and changing your energy signature, you can release energy that allows others to release theirs. By dealing with your anger, you release that energy from your body which removes it from your energy field. That opens the door for others you are entrained with to release theirs as well. It is like a ripple of transformation that you send out into the energy field around you, changing the world one tiny vibration at a time.

Water drop and water ripples

I have seen this happen many times in my own family. I obviously do a lot of energy work on myself and I can sometimes tell when my work is affecting my family around me. Stuff I am dealing with also shows up in my siblings, nieces, or nephews to be cleared. I’ve also seen it with other families. Often, I work with one person to release old energy and then soon after other family members have similar things come up that they want to work on as well.

In their book Coming Alive, authors Barry Michaels and Phil Stutz write about clients who are dealing with anger or control issues. The clients are always surprised when their own personal work also indirectly encourages their family members to deal with the same problems. This plays out over larger and larger groups of people as one person influences another, and the ripple effect spreads out. Energetically we are all connected, so your own energy work changes you as well as those around you.

So, no matter how frustrated you are with the world around you, the only place you can start to make a difference is with yourself. Start working on your own stuff. Begin releasing those emotions, fears, physical illnesses, attitudes, prejudices, mindsets, beliefs, thoughts, traumas, and memories. Hold everything up and ask, “does this bring more love into the world? Does this help me live my life’s purpose?” If the answer is no, then deal with it and get rid of it. It is simply stuff hiding the unique energy signature that you should be bringing to the world in order to create positive change. Start dumping the stuff that is obscuring who you are and who you need to be. This is the only way to change the world. Initiate that ripple effect of change that will influence everyone around you.

If you are ready to start dealing with your stuff, then there are many ways to do it. This blog has ideas of things you can do today to change your energy. Check out the post There are Many Ways to do Your Work for ideas of how to get started.

If you want to skip all the experimentation and dive deep, then Contact Me and we can set up an energy session for you. The work I do influences your energy directly, removing the specific vibrations that are obscuring who you are supposed to be and helping you clarify your life’s purpose. This does require some work on your part (thus the coaching side of what I do), but starting from the level of the energy makes it SO much easier to create change!

If everyone stopped pointing fingers at each other and just started working on their own stuff, we’d transform this world incredibly quickly. No one can force others to deal with themselves. All we can do is start the transformation with ourselves and trust that it will grow. If you start today with yourself, you will be a part of the momentum we are creating in the world. You will be the change agent who takes that ripple and amplifies it for those around you. Are you ready?

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