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The Earth is currently populated by over 7.6 billion people. Every single one of them has a purpose to fulfill. Every single one of them has a unique way to bring love to this planet. Every single one of them has the ability to fulfill their highest potential. How many of them are actually doing that? Definitely not enough.

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Which is why it is so important for you to start living your potential. We need you to find your creative purpose and start living it in the world. We can’t fix what’s wrong with just the correct policy, diet, exercise program, law, environmental plan, health care system, or treaty. We can only fix what’s wrong if people start to live their Divine purpose in this world. The rest will quickly follow.

Yes, there is a Divine purpose. It’s hard to see from inside this mess we're in, isn’t it? It seems like everything is off the rails and going downhill fast. That’s because there are a number of forces at work here. Many people have a basic understanding of these forces. They show up in many spiritual and religious teachings. One force is Divine will. This will wants everyone to live their purpose and create heaven here on Earth. Another force could be called evil, the Ego, Part X, or the resistance (read more about it here). The resistance doesn’t want humans to create heaven on Earth. It is pretty happy with the mess and works hard to keep us firmly mired in it. The final force at work is human free will. We are free to do whatever we want. If we prefer to make our own path through the world outside Divine will, we are free to do that. If we prefer to be cowed by the resistance and stay stuck in our misery, we can. If we want to join forces with the Divine will and overcome the resistance, that is also an option. We are the deciding factor in the trajectory of the world.

Before we go on, I just want to clarify that I prefer to use the term “Divine” to mean that universal intelligence that permeates all life. If you prefer to call that universal intelligence God, Allah, the Universe, Love, Spirit, the Goddess, or whatever, you go ahead and do that. The concepts here won’t change if you wish to change the word.

So back to the part where Divine will and human free will line up, because that’s where the magic happens. When Divine will and human will are the same, the result is a life that fulfills its highest purpose of bringing more love to Earth. Now, some religious teachings would suggest that bowing your head to Divine will is a challenging process. One that requires loss, suffering, and sacrifice. One that makes you reject all that you hold dear and all your personal dreams for your life. Only by dying to yourself will you help Divine will come to Earth.

Don’t believe any of that.

Remember, when Divine will and human will are in alignment the result is a life that fulfills its highest purpose. Finding your highest purpose in life is actually about discovering who you really are. It’s about finding what brings you the most joy and living that. It’s about embracing your heart’s desires and working to make them real. There’s no suffering or sacrifice or dying to one’s own being.

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The concept that gets left out of so much religious teaching is not that you are created for a purpose, but that the seeds of your purpose are buried deep in your heart. You find them as you discover things that bring you joy. You see hints of them when you daydream about your perfect future. You feel them when you find your heart’s desires. All these dreams, wishes, desires, and feelings of joy, are clues planted in your heart to guide you toward who you are supposed to be in this world. The things that you most want to do in life are also the things that will guide you toward what you are supposed to do.

That’s mind-bendingly awesome, isn’t it? You can actually have your cake and eat it too!

So your will for your life and Divine will can actually be in sync in a way that creates the kind of joy and love that changes the world. When you make a conscious choice to step into the flow of Divine will, you are also making the commitment to becoming more yourself. You are finding those seeds of who you really are and giving them permission to grow into the person you are supposed to be. You aren’t trying to conform yourself to some external standard, but are turning inward to discover the unique blend of talents you bring to the world. This is both freeing and utterly terrifying! It requires that you get real about who you are and what you want. It requires that you do some work to release your fear. It also means that you need to dig deep and heal those things inside that are resistant to change. Things like habits, relationships, limiting beliefs, rules, or stuff.

This is why the only way to change the world is by working on yourself first. Only by working on yourself can you live your life’s purpose in the world. Only by living your life’s purpose can you align with Divine will. Only by aligning with Divine will can you bring love to Earth. Only by bringing love to Earth can you open the door for others to work on themselves, find their purpose, align with Divine will, bring more love to Earth, and actually create some real change.

Ok Katie, that all sounds really pretty and fluffy, but I just don’t see that happening. I live in the real world. I gave up my dreams long ago to face reality. You are some privileged white girl sitting in your nice house writing about rainbow dreams that aren’t really possible.

All just criticisms. Ones I I used to say myself. I read books and blog posts by other people and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have their nice, easy life when things magically just work out.” That’s a legitimate point of view. However, there is no truth to it at all. Remember that resistance we talked about before? This resistance desperately wants to keep you where you are in life. It doesn’t want you to find your life’s purpose, or live your dreams, or find your passion. The easiest way to do that is to make you believe that it isn’t possible. If you believe that reality won’t allow you to follow your dreams, then you won’t even try. As far as the resistance is concerned, that’s awesome. The fight is over. It has won. The Divine and the rest of the world will have to get along without you.

Oh, but wait. We still need you! We need you to fight that resistance, overcome your limiting beliefs about what is possible (or not), and be who you are supposed to be! So stop assuming that this type of dream is just for the rich, the talented, the perfect, the unbroken, the popular, or anyone but you. It doesn’t matter how damaged or messed up you are, you have something to bring to this world. You can make the choice to dig deep, find the best part of you, align it with Divine will and watch the magic happen.

It’s the journey of a lifetime. It will bring you joy and purpose. It will change you and change the world. Are you ready to begin?

The first and most important thing you need to know is the path to your highest purpose in life will be found by following your heart. All the clues you need to find yourself are planted inside.

Your heart knows what your head has yet to figure out. Trust it. Shannon Kaiser

A great place to begin is to start rediscovering what brings you joy. Following the clues in your joy will guide you toward the person we need you to be. I guarantee that your purpose in life will contain many of these things that bring you joy. Get started by reading the blog post We Need You and downloading the free PDF about finding your joy.

Next, take a good look at your life. How many of those things that bring you joy do you actually practice in your life? How many other things are in your life that sap your joy away? Start to consider how to add more joy and remove some of those negative things from your life. This might need just a few tweaks to your life, or it may require a major reset. Either way, take steps toward making these changes today. Start small. Ask for guidance for big changes you may need to make.

Sign: more love, less fear

Start to work on energy blocks and beliefs holding you back. I already linked some excellent articles above that will help you. This blog also has a number of other ideas to get you started. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Reiki are two energy therapies that blast through blocks and free you to find your true self.

Fear is an insidious block to any change. I spent years trying to break free of my fear in order to start living my dreams. Any time you come across fears trying to hold you back, simply say “Please heal my fear-based thoughts.” This is a simple form of energy work that will create huge change in your life. Use it 100 times a day if you have to. Don’t let fear keep you stuck.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) is designed specifically to help you discover and live your life’s purpose. It works with the energy of angels to clear out blocks that are keeping you from becoming who you are meant to be. It also helps you align with Divine will that wants you fulfill your purpose in the world by living your dreams. IET® is one of the energy therapies I practice and offer to all my clients. If you really want to blast through blocks and limiting beliefs, this is the way to do it! I credit IET® with helping me see through my fears so that I could leave my comfortable teaching job and strike out into the great unknown. Contact me if you want to set up a session!

I can say from personal experience that discovering my life’s purpose isn’t always easy or direct, but it is exactly what I need to do to heal myself. A little over a year ago I left my 16 year teaching career to discover how to find a more joy-filled life. I’ve spent countless hours reading, meditating, and soul searching to get very clear on who I am and what brings me joy. I’ve worked diligently every single day to remove energy blocks, limiting beliefs, and fears holding me back. I still don’t have all the pieces of my purpose figured out, but I’m getting there. Following my joy includes doing energy work and helping people find their own purpose. It also includes hiking, gardening (lots of gardening), outdoor work, travel, teaching, writing, speaking, yoga, and more. How does all that fit into my life’s purpose? I’m really not sure yet! Starting Harmonious Renewal is one piece of the puzzle for me. I hope that other pieces keep falling into place.

I tell you this because living your life’s purpose is not a destination. It’s a journey. A wild and crazy journey that will last your whole life. You will continually learn more about yourself. You will fulfill dreams and begin new ones. You will learn to trust more and worry less. You will always find some new way to share love with others. If you align yourself with Divine will, you will heal and change and grow and love in all the ways you are supposed to because your will and Divine will want the same thing. In all this, you will live your life’s purpose. In all this, you will help to change the world.

So are you ready to start today?

Contact me if I can help you on your journey!

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