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Get Unstuck with IET®

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Integrated Energy Therapy® is gentle energy work that does a deep cleaning of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies (read here for more on this). I first discovered IET® in the fall of 2018 when I was really stuck and looking for something to break me out. I had been a school librarian for 15 years at that point and, while I knew it wasn’t my forever job, I really wasn’t sure how to leave and start something new. I had a lot of ideas and dreams but there were also a lot of fears, uncertainties, limiting beliefs, and unanswered questions as well. My safe plan was to find something else I wanted to do and build a side business that would eventually be successful enough I could leave my public school job and start over. Well, the universe had different plans for me. September of 2018 brought a major change in my teaching position that just didn’t work for me. It was abundantly clear that it would likely be my last year of teaching. I just didn’t have that convenient side business ready to go yet. What was I to do?

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At that point I had done a lot of healing work in different modalities, but I knew there was still a tremendous amount to do. In desperation, I started searching online for energy workers and found an IET® practitioner nearby. It was one of those providential moments when I just knew she was who I was meant to work with. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when I got to my first appointment to realize she was one of those "weird" angel lover people. My disappointment was short lived, though, because by the end of the session I knew that this was exactly what I needed. I can’t say I walked out a new person, but I did leave a whole lot of energy behind that day. Every session was like shedding tons of baggage from deep in my bones. It was an amazing feeling.

More than just feeling good, though, this practice actually helped me unload what I needed to leave behind in order to move forward. Remember all those fears, uncertainties, limiting beliefs, and unanswered questions that were making it hard for me to imagine a new life for myself? Amazingly, some just disappeared while others became completely manageable. I began to see ease in the uncertainties, freedom from limiting beliefs, courage to face the fears, and answers for the questions. This is exactly the purpose of IET®, to remove the obstacles in your path that are keeping you from moving forward. Some of those obstacles disappear. Others become tiny little bumps in the road you just hop over. They barely even register as you move ahead toward your goals and dreams. Although my future wasn’t suddenly an easy, open road, it certainly held a lot more possibility than I ever imagined.

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IET® works with angelic energy to clear out all those things that are holding you back. Angels come from a number of religious and non-religious traditions. However, most of us modern folk don’t really buy into the whole idea of angels any more (I certainly didn't). Fortunately for us, you don’t have to buy into the idea of angels for their energy to change your life! IET® works with angels whose purpose is to help humans realize their divine potential in the world. For most of us, this means letting go of the energy that is keeping us from living our life’s purpose. In my blog post Let Go of Who You Are I talk about limiting beliefs that keep you from creating the life you want. IET® is one of the best ways to blast away those limiting beliefs. It also works on removing fears and emotions that may be keeping you stuck. Angelic energy is pure love and this love is always transformative. When love shines onto your limiting beliefs and fears, their lies are exposed, their energy is stripped away, and you can easily remove them from your path. If you open yourself up to it, you cannot help but be changed.

At the heart of IET® is the concept that we are all born with a divine purpose. We experience life as a journey toward finding our purpose. Our purpose is something vital the world needs us to discover and live. In the blog post We Need You we talk about how to follow your joy to discover your purpose in life. Working with IET® energy removes the barriers and limiting beliefs keeping you from your life’s purpose.

You can only receive IET® from a certified practitioner who is attuned (tuned in) to the energy. You can also take classes to learn how to do IET® on yourself or others. As a practitioner, I use IET® along with Reiki and EFT to help you get rid of the energy that is keeping you stuck. Not sure what you think about this type of energy work? I understand completely! I went to my appointment totally unsure of what to think! That is why I let anyone try their first session with me for free. Contact me on my website and set up your first session today. You won’t know if it can change your life until you give it a try!

I used to put IET® into the “weird” category of energy work. After trying it, though, I can say that it has helped tremendously to move me out of the place where I was very stuck and into a new place where I am healing and discovering who I am every day. I retired from teaching in the Spring of 2019 and life has been an adventure ever since! My Harmonious Renewal business has come out of my desire to bring my gifts to the world. I’m also working on creating a second business that involves some sort of landscaping/garden care work since that has been an enduring passion of mine my whole life. At this point I’m still exploring what life has for me and I expect I will do so for a long time to come!

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