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Energy Work for Pain

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

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Before I started this post I decided to look up some statistics on painkiller use in the U.S. It didn’t take long to realize that this topic was WAY bigger than I had envisioned. First you have to look at prescription painkillers vs. non prescription. Then you can look at the types and strengths of painkillers. There’s also a huge side topic devoted to abuse of painkillers, particularly (although not limited to) the opioid crisis. You can also dive into the use of painkillers for sleep, athletics, chronic conditions, and much, MUCH more.

My 10 minute foray into the pharmaceutical world of painkillers felt like opening a Pandora’s Box.

Why is this such a complicated and explosive topic? To put it simply, pain is something we all experience and wish we didn’t. We’ll do pretty much anything to make it stop. Enter many solutions (pharmaceutical as well as others) to solve the problem of pain. This makes it a complicated and very human situation fraught with political, financial, medical, social, scientific, and abusive complications.

So I’m just going to dive right into the fray and add my take on this massive problem by looking at it from an energy perspective. For the sake of today’s discussion, I’ll keep it pretty simple. No matter what I say, there will be more to add, but let’s start with the basics.

At the most fundamental level, pain is the body’s indication that something needs your attention. It could be a physical disturbance like a cut on your arm or a sore muscle. It could be a chemical disturbance such as an imbalance in your brain causing a headache. It could be a neurological problem where your neurons unnecessarily fire. Pain can even be emotional, such as when a loved one dies or you suffer an accident. Whatever the cause, your body is using the pain to tell you that something is not right.

Sometimes it’s obvious what isn’t right. If my shoulders hurt then I can easily connect it to the weight lifting workout I did yesterday. I can then decide how I want to handle that pain. The cause, effect, and decision making process are simple and straightforward.

Where things start to go wrong is if you have pain and you can’t figure out why. Those migraine headaches, that debilitating stabbing in your back, the stomach cramps, the severe muscle aches. These are the things that send you to the doctor and usually end up with a lot of testing. Sometimes those tests reveal a clear causal factor and obvious treatment plan. That’s great as long as the treatment actually solves the problem (rather than just tells you how to manage the pain). For many people, though, the pain doesn’t seem to have any specific physiological cause. There is no decisive diagnosis and no path forward. You have pain that no one knows what to do about, other than take painkillers and learn to live with it.

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Not only is this heartbreaking for people who have to learn to live with pain, but it misses the whole point of why the pain exists. Remember that pain’s primary message is that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. Pain is one way the body talks to you and tries to get you to deal with what is going on. Unfortunately, what is going on isn’t necessarily physical. The root of the issue may not be in the biological functioning of your body, it might be in your energy system.

Your energy body and your physical body overlap and interact, but they aren’t exactly the same thing. Your energy body can be holding on to old emotions, mental beliefs, spiritual systems, and more that actually hurt the functioning of your physical system. I also wrote in this blog post Inheriting Family Trauma how you can have family and ancestral energy that blocks your energy system and requires healing. To complicate things even further, you can also hold on to other people’s energy which causes energy disfunction. No matter where it comes from, all this energy creates problems that need to be taken care of. How do you know that energy is there? Well, your body gives you signals that something is wrong. These signals could be injury or disease, the inability to heal, or simply pain. Inexplicable pain without any physical explanation is very often rooted in an energy problem.

Just to give you a few examples of how this can play out, in his book The Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner tells many stories of people whose lives have been changed by Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). In one story, Patricia was a client who had lived with debilitating pain in her back for years after an accident that destroyed one of her vertebrae. They determined that the pain was due to her physical trauma, but also to the emotional trauma of the accident and subsequent surgeries. Through EFT tapping they were able to release the emotional and mental energy surrounding the accident which reduced her pain to the point where she was off all her pain medication. Another client with terrible back pain had no known physical cause. Through discussion, they discovered that his pain was directly related to anger he held from events that happened in his childhood. Using EFT tapping, he was able to energetically release the emotions from his back and the pain disappeared. If you have interest in learning more about EFT, I recommend reading the book for more stories of how EFT can heal! It is an incredibly widespread technique that deals with the root energetic causes of pain and other common problems. You can also read more about the history and specifics of it in my blog post Emotional Freedom Technique.

I tell these stories to give you just a few ideas of how pain can be rooted in energy rather than physiology. Some other things I have encountered with clients include pain in the limbs that we tracked down to family energy causing the nervous system to fire incorrectly. The pain wasn’t directly physical, but manifested as a neurological problem. Past events that need to be processed and released often show up as pain. Breakups, fights, deaths, accidents, and more can disrupt the functioning of the energy body. I know quite a few people (myself included) that store other people’s energy in their backs. When that energy is ready to be dealt with, it feels like your whole back is screaming to let it out. It’s a pretty clear message that something isn’t right and needs to be taken care of ASAP. However, if you didn’t know how to take care of it, it would just appear to be inexplicable, extreme pain.

Let me just remind you that I’m not saying that all pain is rooted in an energetic problem, but I’d be willing to bet that a large percentage of it is primarily energetic or complicated by energy blocks. Even if you can track your pain to something physical (like an injury) the pain could also be exacerbated by an energetic problem that goes hand-in-hand with the physical problem. So if you think that you know the cause of your pain and what to do about it, I would still recommend doing energy work to make sure you release all the underlying causes. If you are experiencing pain without any cause, or if you have been given a general diagnosis and told you need to live with it, then I highly recommend you try energy work to see if there is an underlying energy problem your body is trying to bring to your attention.

Sign on tree, "good news is coming."

I write this post in an effort to bring some hope to those of you who may not be able to find a reason for their pain and be discouraged at the thought of managing it for the rest of your life. Please do not take anyone’s claim that you will have it forever as the end of your story. Open yourself up to the possibility of other options and take some time to explore them.

Do I believe that all pain can be cured? Theoretically, yes. Pain is simply your body trying to send you a message. If you can figure out the message and what to do about it, then you can cure the pain. In reality, is it always this simple? No, probably not. There are times when the body will be too damaged to heal completely. But even in these cases, I believe there is value in finding the root cause of the pain and healing the underlying issue. Even if the pain never completely goes away, the energy work always moves you toward your highest healing and highest good.

If you are interested in exploring energy work for healing, there are tons of resources on this blog, including articles, downloads, meditations, and more. The EFT resources I suggested above are an excellent place to start. I use EFT in my practice because I love how effective it is and how easy it is for people to do it on their own. Check out the blog post listed above for a free PDF that will get you started. I also offer EFT video conference sessions that will provide one-on-one coaching for how to work on your specific issue. Check out my services to see what I offer.

If you really want to go deep fast, then I highly recommend connecting with me to get a full healing session. I use various energy techniques to release blocks and heal the energy body. I also work directly with your body to listen to the messages it is trying to send and root out the core issues you need to work on. If you don’t want to waste time digging through all the possible options, then Contact Me to set up a consultation and we can talk about your best path forward.

In some ways, pain is a part of life that we all deal with. Modern medicine has many excellent ways to mitigate it. However, to truly heal the underlying cause of pain, you need to understand the messages your physical and energetic bodies are sending. The only way to do this is to learn to listen to your body and deal with the issues that want to come up. This isn’t always easy and it isn’t always direct, but it is necessary if you want to move forward into your best life.

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