Energy Work for Healing

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

We live in a culture that has a very fractured view of healing.

On one hand our medical system is one that primarily teaches you to manage your problems. Go to doctors to diagnose the problem, get pills, have surgeries, spend time in rehab, and (hopefully) feel better. We have books and conferences and podcasts that teach us how to live with whatever we have because, obviously, it isn’t going away. Don’t try to “heal” just “deal.”

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On the other hand, there is a huge world of “alternative” medicine that employs a myriad of therapies, supplements, and products to help you heal from whatever you are dealing with. In this world everything can be healed if you just find the right treatment. Critics want to decry all this alternative stuff as snake oil and practitioners as quacks trying to get your money. However, many people have found their suffering eased through this type of work.

Which way is right?

Well, in some ways, both are. If you are having severe chest pains please get yourself to a doctor now and get it checked out. Ditto for severed limbs, extreme depression, signs of cancer, and a host of immediate life-threatening issues.

However, many of the things we run to doctors for really aren’t acute or life-threatening. Those aches and pains, the stomach issues, the headaches, the sleeplessness, the dissatisfaction with life. Doctors can’t do much with that, which is why they send us for lots of tests that often don’t turn up anything. When I first started my digestive issues in my mid-twenties I went to the doctor. My belly was swollen so much I looked pregnant. I was hungry all the time but it hurt to eat. I was losing weight. Clearly something was wrong. The doctor’s diagnosis after talking to me for about 10 minutes? Gastroenteritis (inflammation of the gastrointestinal track). The reason? Who knows?! The prescription? Take Tums and wait for it to pass. Well, several years later it hadn’t passed and no amount of Tums was helping, so I started on my own journey to actually heal, not just deal with whatever it was.

A decade and a half later, I’m still exploring this healing journey. This is some of what I have learned.

Healing means to be more of who you are meant to be every day.

When you have the energy, stamina, freedom, and mobility you need to lead your best life, you can use your particular gifts and talents in the world. That level of healing looks different for each of us which is why “healing” is such a tricky term to work with. Read why we need you to show up and be you.

Your body uses uncomfortable symptoms to send you messages about what it needs.

How do you start figuring out what your body is trying to tell you? Listen to your aches and pains. Your body has lots of things to tell you. Pain is one way to get you to stop and listen. If you are like me, you've been ignoring these messages for years; glossing them over with a painkiller or muscle rub. But ignoring the body’s signals to you doesn’t make them go away, it just makes them worse. Your body starts yelling louder and louder until they are too much to ignore. Ill health could be your body telling you need a course correction in life, or that stress is getting the better of you, or that thing that happened in high school needs to come out in the open to be dealt with. You can’t be who you are meant to be until you deal with this stuff. Read more about this here.

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Your body knows what it needs to heal so you can be the person you are meant to be.

This information is locked inside your physical and energy body waiting for you to stop and listen to what it is telling you. In this post we talk about how your body knows what it needs to heal here.

If you can’t make any progress, there is probably energy blocking your way.

If you can’t figure out what your body needs, or if nothing you do eases any of your symptoms, you probably have energy blocking your path. Energy blocks can be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. If this energy is stuck it can cause pain and ill health. Only by releasing it will you move forward in your life.

This is why energy work is a huge piece of the healing journey. When it is time to stop and listen to your body, when it is time to get to the root causes of your issues, when it is time to let all those old blocks go, energy work can help you get through it. Whatever you want to try, healing involves listening to your body, figuring out what is keeping you stuck, and then clearing out the stuff keeping you from being who you need to be.

On my journey, I’ve tried a lot of alternative therapies and can honestly say they have all helped me in various ways. There wasn’t anything I thought was total quackery (there were a few things I simply didn’t try). However, I found that IET®, EFT, and Reiki were the practices that really opened up my energy and allowed me to move past what was keeping me stuck. That is why I wanted to become a practitioner of these modalities and why I teach them to others. However, you don’t just need to work with these. If you are new to the world of energy work, start with some free resources and see what you think. Download my free TenFreeEnergyPractices.pdf to try some energy practices to try at home!

Still feeling stuck? You can also Contact Me to schedule an energy session.

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