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Create Change with Crystal Grids

I used to think of crystals as “weird new age” stuff, but then I started actually working with them and fell in love. Honestly, I fell in love. I have a healthy collection (not as overwhelmingly extensive as some rockhounders I know) and I enjoy them thoroughly. I love the science behind them. I love the geography of where they came from. I especially love their energy. I’ve been playing around with crystal grids for years, but recently decided to add them as one of my services for clients.

image of a crystal grid on the table with two planters, an artistic picture of a tree, and a lit candle on the table

If you want to know more about crystal energy work and crystal grids, you can start by checking out this series of blog posts I wrote a few months ago:

Why crystals are good for energy work

To summarize, crystals are stable sources of energy and that energy can be used to support your body’s natural healing. Taking supplements are popular ways to improve health. This is partly because of the chemical makeup of the supplements (which work on the physical level), but also because of the energy of the supplements (which work on the energy level). Crystals work in a similar way on an energetic level. Their particular energy signatures can influence your body's energy. Some people are into making elixirs with crystals which essentially infuses the energy of the crystals into the water you drink (water is easily imprinted with other energy signatures). Although I find the concept fascinating, I also think it’s a lot of work. I prefer to just work with the crystal energy directly and skip the intermediary.

When I work with crystals I use their energy to support the change I’m trying to create. Often the crystals help me clear and release old energy that I’m trying to get rid of. We all carry around old stuff with us that blocks our body’s natural healing. Using the help of other energies such as crystals helps our body release the old junk and allows healing cycles to begin.

Crystals also support the body as it heals. Just as a calm atmosphere and soothing music can create an environment that is easy to relax in, crystals can create an energy environment that makes it easy to heal. They aren’t necessarily doing the healing directly, but they are giving your body a supportive boost.

The other way I think crystals help is that when their energy is harmonizing with the change you want to create, it makes it easy to spot what is out of sync. I often tell people that when working with crystal energy things will come up that you will have to deal with. These things are noticeable because they don’t vibe with what you are trying to heal. Dealing with those things head on allows you to remove the dissonance and puts you back in a harmonious healing state.

For instance, working with crystals might make it much more noticeable that your sleep problems are influenced by upsetting energy in your bedroom. The crystals cannot magically change the stuff in your bedroom, but they can highlight the energy you need to get out of your room. (Check out this post for more on sleep and energy work.)

I don’t think that crystal work is magic or even mystic. I just think it’s energetic. When you understand the energy side of it, working with them becomes much less weird and much more normal.

Why crystal grids can help you change

So how does a crystal grid work and how is it different from just regular crystal work?

On the simplest level, crystal grids are layers of energy joined together for a specific purpose.

My process for building a crystal grid always begins with your intention. This intention is focused on what you want to create in your life (not what you want to get rid of, which is an important distinction). Once the intention is clear, then I select a grid (grids have their own energy signatures) and choose crystals that support the energy of the intention. There’s usually a particular sequence needed to build the grid and at the end, I infuse Reiki into it. This adds another layer of energy while also connecting you to the grid so you don’t have to walk around with it (Reiki works across space and time, so it’s extremely helpful for this).

Once the grid is set up and activated, it works to hold the energy of what you are trying to create. Sometimes the energy of the grid is strong enough to simply clear energy from your body that is holding you back from your intended outcome. This often comes out in a rush as the grid is first activated. Over the course of days and weeks, as you continue with your life, the grid continues to work by highlighting the energy that is not in harmony with your intention. It can be as simple as you noticing areas where you need to work, habits you need to adjust, or past grievances you need to let go of. It can be more complicated such as going to see a practitioner to help you heal a particular issue. Most importantly, crystal grids can highlight fears you need to release that are keeping you from moving forward.

It’s the energy of your intention that gives the grid its strength. With that intention locked into the grid and held fast by the crystals and Reiki, it’s easier to feel the things in your life that aren’t in harmony.

That doesn’t always mean that it’s easy to deal with those things that come up. Even once you are aware of what is holding you back, there’s still work that needs to be done. That’s why I always remind people that crystal work is not magic. The crystals can’t do your work for you. The grid is there as an anchor and a support but the responsibility to do the necessary work is still yours.

That’s part of what makes energy work so fascinating. There are so many ways to do the work of healing. IET, EFT, Reiki, acupressure, and more are all complementary practices. It’s rare that one of these will help you create the healing you want. Weaving together different modalities allows you to address your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic needs.

What I think makes the crystal grid unique among the modalities is the way in which it makes you clarify your intention for healing and then how it holds that energy for you.

Crystal grid on table with picture in background that says "kindness is beautiful"

How I create crystal grids for clients

Above I told you generally how I use crystal grids as energy work, but let me give you some more details about how I provide it as a service.

If you are interested in getting a crystal grid, the process starts by reaching out and letting me know what you want. You can contact me through my website or, if you are already a client, text me. We can create crystal grids in person or remotely.

We start by clarifying and writing down your intention. You don’t have to tell me what your intention is, but sometimes it is helpful to talk it through with me so we can get crystal clear on what you want to create. Whether you tell me what it is or not, you will write your intention down and I’ll pick up the energy of what you are trying to create.

The next piece is where I go to work pulling together a grid and crystals to match the intention. I have a collection of small crystals that I use for grid work. If you have your own collection of crystals, I sometimes weave in your own crystals as well. I also give clients the option to add an angel card to the mix. This brings in some Integrated Energy Therapy® to the grid.

If we are working together in person, I have you actually set up the grid and then I infuse Reiki into it. There’s usually a rush of energy at the beginning that we experience together. This is usually followed by a discussion of what has come up initially and what you might want to work on first. When you leave the session, you take your grid and crystals with you along with instructions on how to set it up again at home (moving it doesn’t change the energy).

If we are doing this remotely, I take some photos to show you how to setup the grid and then I pop it all in the mail to you. When you receive your package, you set up the grid and then let me know it is ready to go. I will send Reiki to the grid to activate it all. Some people want to be on the phone with me when the grid is activated while others do not. Either way, we touch base after the activation to see what came up and what support you need to move forward.

Crystal grids stay up for as long as you need them. I’ve had grids up for two weeks. I’ve also had grids that stay active for months. It depends on the intention of the grid and how much support I need to create the change I’m trying to see. When your intuition tells you the grid has done its work, you keep your crystals and do whatever you want with them.

I just want to add one more note so you know what to expect from my grids. Many crystal grids you see on the internet are made with dozens of crystals beautifully laid out in repeating geometric patterns. The different forms of the crystals may have meaning and multiple crystals may increase their power.

I don’t make grids like that. I’m not saying that those grids are wrong, they just aren’t the only way to do it. So much of energy work is about intention and the meaning you ascribe to things. There is no one way to do anything. I find that the energy of the crystals is the most important thing. Whether I use one tiger eye crystal or 14, it doesn’t change the energy of the grid. Having quartz crystals pointing upward or pointing outward doesn’t necessarily change the energy. Most of my grids use between 6 and 10 crystals and none of them repeat. So, they might not be as beautiful or complex as the lovely ones you see on Pinterest, but I assure you their energy is every bit as effective.

Intrigued? Check out my services page to see the current rate for a crystal grid. I’m currently running a startup special for my grids that will run for about two months after I publish this blog post.

If you want to set up a crystal grid session with me, contact me and we’ll set something up today!


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