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Break Free From Fear

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

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We all want a world filled with love. We want to give and receive love. We want to see love reflected in our homes, our schools, our churches, and our societies. We want our kids to grow up believing the world is nothing but love. The surprising reality is that our world is actually made of love. Every thing and every person has the vibration of love in them. Love literally makes our world go round.

Girl hugging Earth

So why don’t we see that most of the time? Flip on the TV, the radio, your phone. How long does it take before a message of anything other than love comes up? Probably not long. It’s so much easier to see the not-love surrounding us. It’s so much easier to believe that our world is made of everything BUT love.

Why can’t we change? Why can’t we act better? Why can’t we make the world a better place?

Well, there are several reasons. One is that inside each of us is something that is actively resisting the love in our lives. In the blog post Change is Hard we talk about this resistance. You can call it evil, the Ego, or Part X, but this force wants to keep us wallowing in our misery and aloneness. It does not want us to discover the unifying force of love. This resistance is tricky and very VERY good at keeping us stuck where we are. Stuck as individuals, stuck as societies, and stuck as the human race.

The second problem is that most of us don’t realize that Part X’s/the Ego’s/evil’s main tool is not hatred or greed or envy or dishonesty or anger. Its primary tool is actually fear. IET® teaches that the opposite of love is fear. Fear is the underlying problem that gives strength to all the others. Don’t believe me? Take any other negative emotion and see if you can trace it back to its root in fear.

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  • Envy could be the fear of not having enough.

  • Hatred could be the fear of being hurt or being humiliated.

  • Greed could be the fear that you aren’t good enough so you need outside things to make you “worthy.”

  • Dishonesty could be the fear that someone would see you for who you really are- and not like it.

Every conflict in human history could be traced back to some sort of fear. Every unkind thing you’ve ever done or seen can be traced back to some fundamental fear that lives inside each of us.

That is a big problem because you have been sent to this world at this time to play some important role. A role that will help love liberate us from this mess we are in. We Need You to become your true self so we can create real change. However, Part X/evil/the Ego does not want you to live fully into your potential because then it will no longer exist. It has no qualms about capitalizing on every single fear you have in order to keep you stuck and separated from love. Fear and love cannot coexist. If you are afraid, love can’t work through you.

Here’s the nastiest part. Part X/evil/the Ego does not care what version of fear you live in. It’s happy to have you believe anything you want as long as fear is the root. It might keep you focused on personal fears such as your appearance, your worthiness, your job, your relationships, your health, your future, or your past. If that doesn’t work, it can also convince you to be afraid of national politics, vaccines, travel, the police, white people, black people, Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, global warming, natural disasters, pandemics, accidents, cancer, and so much more. It doesn’t matter what flavor your fear is as long as you keep eating it and staying stuck. If you do figure out a way around one fear there is always another one to take its place. Part X/evil/the Ego works 24/7 to keep you so distracted by fear that you can’t even think about finding that bright, shiny future you long for.

I’m not trying in any way to delegitimize your fears. Many people live in scary situations, have experienced racial prejudice, don’t know how they will continue to take care of their families, and more. I’m not telling you that your fear of those things is wrong or imaginary. I’m just telling you that the fear is what is keeping you from finding the love that will bring you through your situation. Love does not want you to live in fear or be overwhelmed by whatever you are dealing with. It wants to take your hand and help you grow through the challenges you are facing to be the person you are meant to be.

Man staring out window

Part X/evil/the Ego hates that and fights to keep you scared and distracted. It wants you to be so afraid that you can’t break free and experience the life of love that you are meant to have.

So what can you possibly do?

The bad news is there actually isn’t much you can do. Our worldview from the moment we are born is constructed around the concept of fear. Our perspective is shaped by it. You simply cannot fix a problem from within the problem. You can’t heal your perspective from within the reality that created that perspective.

Here’s the good news, though. You have a connection to the Divine Being (whatever you prefer to call it) that exists outside our human perspective. It lives in the reality that sees only love. This Divine Being sees your problem and knows exactly what you need to do to break free. This Divine Being is also ready and waiting to lend you a hand. Fortunately, the first and only thing you can to do is admit you can’t break away from fear yourself and ask for help from the Divine Being of Love.

Every human is born with the free will to keep living in their world based on fear or to ask for help to break free of it. That is your right and your responsibility. The Divine Being will not help you until you ask. If you want to live in fear forever, that is your choice. If you want to break free and live the life of love you were created to live, then some intervention will be necessary and is only as far away as the statement “help me.”

Imagine if everyone alive decided to ask for help to break free learn to live fearlessly as their authentic self. We’ve all dreamed of that, right?

Well, we can’t make everyone do it, but we certainly can start with ourselves.

Here are two things to do this week to start breaking free of your fear and finding your true self that the world needs right now.

First, read my blog post Fear Based Thoughts and start practicing this simple prayer today. Just saying the prayer, “Please heal my fear-based thoughts” implies you asking the Divine for help to heal all the tiny and big ways fear distracts you. Use is a hundred times a day if you need to. You will start to see change in how fear influences your life.

Second, I created a 13 minute meditation/visualization for you to feel the energy of fear in your life and experience that Divine Being who waiting to help you break free. Anyone can use this meditation, but it is particularly for those who feel overwhelmed by all the fear keeping you stuck. Go into it with an open heart and mind. You will leave this meditation with what you need to start your journey toward freedom. The meditation has no background music (I hate hearing the same music every time I do a meditation) so put on your own Zen tunes, find a quiet place, and open yourself up to love.

Free audio and PDF download below.

Download the MP3 Break Free From Your Fears Visualization here.

Downlod the PDF Transcript of Break Free From Your Fears Visualization

Are you feeling that you want some human help to get you unstuck? I use coaching and energy work to help you break free from the fears keeping you from becoming your true self. Contact Me to try a free session and see how it can change your life.

Also, check out all the resources on my blog to find other ways to help you clear the fear from your life and become the person we need you to be!

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