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Are You Stuck?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Are you stuck?

Do you find yourself saying or thinking this sort of thing often?

I can’t get past…

This never changes…

I’ve done everything and I can’t make any progress on…

No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to…

I can’t figure out what is wrong…

I’ve done everything they told me to…

I can’t deal with this any more...

Let me tell you, I know exactly how that feels. I was stuck for a long time. It felt like I just couldn’t feel any better, find a better job, make progress on my goals, or get past emotional baggage I was more than ready to dump. I read tons of books and thoughtfully pondered all the deep questions. I just couldn't move ahead in any significant way. The frustration was incredible.

The problem was that I was doing everything right on the surface, but underneath there was all this energy that wasn’t allowing me to move on.

You see, everything is energy and our energy determines what is happening in our lives. When energy is free to flow through our bodies it feels like everything is working. We are healthy, work gets done, emotions are in balance, and dreams become realized. When energy stops flowing things get jammed up. You get sick, projects grind to a halt, emotional turmoil rules your life, and dreams wither up to die.

So what is this energy that flows in and around us? How can it get stuck? What does that mean for us? Again, everything is energy, but for the sake of wrapping our minds around it, we are going to talk about four general categories of energy here.

  • Physical Energy- This is stuff that is physically in your body causing blocks. Things like heavy metals, parasites, toxins, bacteria, or chemicals. These things have their own energy that interfere with your body’s energy systems. Clearing some of the energy around this can actually help your body move out whatever the physical substance is. Often your body might need additional support to do this, but removing the energy from the equation makes the physical work much easier.

  • Emotional Energy- Emotions have energy. You know that clenching-in-you-gut feeling? You are feeling the energy of your emotions. The tricky thing with emotions is that you don’t just feel your emotions right now, you feel emotions from the past as well. Think back to something embarrassing that happened several years ago. Do you feel that in your body? Those emotions are still inside you. You don’t feel them every moment, but your body has held onto that energy. You can feel the emotions of others as well. Have you ever had someone walk in the room and you KNOW something is wrong? You feel their emotional energy. You can also hold onto that emotional energy. Have you ever had a family member go through a really tough time and you lay awake at night worrying about them? You feel their emotion and their energy can get stuck in your body. Anyone can hold on to others' emotions, but highly sensitive people can pick up on very subtle emotions from others and, since it isn’t theirs to begin with, end up just storing it somewhere in their bodies. Over time, all that emotional energy builds up and causes energy blocks that manifest as health problems, pain, or lack of progress.

  • Mental Energy- This category involves your thoughts and patterns of thinking. They are your basic beliefs about the world, yourself, and others. I have to eat this way. I have to do things a certain way. I’ll never lose this weight. That person will always be that way. I’m not good with money. I don't know what to do. These (often maladaptive) patterns become so ingrained that they create their own ball of energy. That energy gets stuck somewhere in your body and mind making it hard for you to change your beliefs and ways of thinking. Mental blocks often keep you from moving ahead because you can’t make the mental changes you need to create the progress you want. Removing the energy of these mental blocks doesn’t erase the thought pattern, but it removes all the energy behind it so it is much easier for you to identify them and change.

  • Spiritual Energy- This one is harder to define. It includes the obvious beliefs about spiritual things such as God, faith, and your purpose in life. It also includes some less obvious things such as fundamental beliefs about yourself such as “I’m not good enough to deserve this.” Spiritual energy also includes the lessons you need to learn in this life and the consequences you need to face for past actions. Removing spiritual blocks doesn’t change the beliefs or erase the need to deal with lessons and consequences. Removing the energy simply allows you to see the problems, beliefs, or lessons more clearly and know what needs to be done.

How does one remove these energy blocks? Well, my preference is to use energy work. You work directly with the energy to clear it from your body. This isn’t the only way to get rid of energy. You could do therapy or counseling or coaching to help clear the blocks. But even then, I think that energy work is helpful. Why not go straight to the energy problem and remove it? Then your counseling and therapy will be that much more effective with the energy out of the way.

Energy work isn’t magic. It doesn’t remove the problems or patterns or thoughts or beliefs. But it makes it a million times easier to deal with those things. Imagine a raging stream coming toward you. You absolutely need to get upstream and the only way to do it is to fight your way through step by step. Now imagine someone diverts most of the water in the stream into a side channel. Suddenly your stream becomes a peaceful trickling brook that you can gently wander up to reach your goals. That’s exactly what happens when you clear the energy blocking your body and mind. Huge insurmountable problems become manageable. Beliefs easily change. Thought patterns can be broken. Physical symptoms begin to heal.

Energy work really helped get me unstuck. Suddenly things that I had been working on for years start moving. Walls I had been banging my head against just shrunk to little barriers I needed to hop over. It was so satisfying. And freeing.

If you are stuck, maybe the problem isn’t you or your body. Maybe it is your energy. Maybe it is time to let go and move on. That means it is time to try some energy work.

Not sure what to do next? The amazing thing is, your body knows what it needs to get started on its journey. If you have energy blocks holding you back, your body knows which one you need to work on first in order to start (or continue) the process. All you have to do is ask. In order to help you, I created a 15 minute Cord Cutting Visualization that you can listen to or download. (There is no background music, so start up your own zen soundtrack and get started!) This will guide you to listen to your inner wisdom and identify that first thing you need to do to start working toward energetic freedom. At the end of the meditation you should have a very specific idea of what to work on.

Download the MP3 audio file here.

Download the PDF transcript here.

Want to keep experimenting? You can also look at this blog post Energy Work for Healing. At the bottom is a free PDF with 10 free energy practices you can start at home.

Interested in trying out Reiki or IET® to see how it blasts away energy blocks? Contact Me to talk about trying a free 10-minute energy session and see what you think.

If you are really stuck, it is time to try something new. This week, try one of these energy practices and see what happens!

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