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All Healing is Self Healing

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

I don’t believe in healers. Spiritual healers, magical healers, mystical healers, herbal healers, or any others. They are all pretty suspicious to me. Do you really think someone can sprinkle you with fairy dust and make it all better? There is no magic that will suddenly make your problem go away. There is no spiritual prayer that will bypass the work of healing. It just doesn’t exist.

But, um, aren’t you an energy healer Katie?

No, I’m not. I’m an energy worker, yes. I work with your body and its energy, but I would never claim to heal you. You do that yourself. I assist the process, but your body does all the healing.

I also think that there are lots of good herbalists, acupuncturists, therapists, doctors, nurses, Reiki workers, and more out there who can help you tremendously on your healing journey. Not of them can heal you, though. You do that yourself.

Woman sitting on couch with tea and a book

You see, the thing our modern world has forgotten is that our bodies are designed to heal. We can heal from an amazing amount of mental and physical trauma. Our cells regenerate constantly. Muscles, bones, and tissues grow and regrow. Our brains are more elastic than previously thought, building new neural connections throughout our lives. The science of epigenetics has shown that even the expression of our genes is less static than we realized, with a wide range of genetic codes able to switch on and off throughout our life.

We hear amazing stories all the time about people beating the odds. They learn to walk again, heal autoimmune diseases, send cancer into remission, improve their eyesight, get off medications, reduce their pain, and more. None of this was magic. It's likely that none of this was easy, but it wasn’t the work of “healers” that “cured” people of their problems. It was the result of each person going deep inside and following their intuition toward healing. Along the way I’m sure they had help from doctors, energy workers, therapists, family, friends, herbalists, psychologists, and others. Each person, though, had to make the decisions for themselves of how to pursue healing and their bodies had to do the cellular work of repairing what was wrong. No one could do that for them.

Another thing we have forgotten in modern times is that our medical system is very good at labeling problems and prescribing medication. The problem is that medication does not necessarily equal healing. Medication is very often used to remove or reduce symptoms of problems. If you have an autoimmune disease then the medication will definitely help you deal with it. It just won’t be able to tell you why you have it or what to do about it. That is why “alternative” therapies are so popular these days. More people are getting fed up with managing problems and are actually looking for healing of the problems. That’s a huge difference. If you believe your body can heal and the medical establishment has nothing to offer you, then going to an energy worker sounds a little less crazy, doesn’t it?

Just one personal story I will share about healing. Quite a few years ago I had 8 teeth with enamel worn off near the gumline. The dentist thinks it is from years of clenching my jaw. Or possibly brushing too hard. No one really knows. Everyone did tell me, though, that it would never get better because enamel doesn’t grow back. It simply can’t. Well, I had once heard Ramiel Nagel on a podcast about healing teeth naturally and decided to give his ideas a try. So here I am approximately 4 years later and 6 of my 8 teeth have fully regrown the enamel. The other two are slowly filling in. Magic? Nope. Just the right information and a belief that my body could heal if it wanted to. The funniest part is that when I show it to my dentists they deny the enamel was ever missing from those teeth! I tell you this because there are a lot of really great physicians out there, but they don’t know everything. Be open to other evidence-based practices that might inform your decisions. You never know when your body will heal something “impossible” to cure.

Man giving a massage in a spa

So if our bodies are made to heal, then why don’t they just go ahead and do it? This is because sometimes they can’t. Perhaps they don’t have what they need to heal or perhaps there is a block in the way of the healing. Either way, the body tries to tell you what is going on with symptoms such as pain, disease, or malfunction. The trick is to interpret those symptoms so that you can give your body what it needs to start healing again.

There are a million healing methods out there because, well, there are probably a million ways to heal. If your problem is stuck emotional energy, then energy workers and psychologists have many ways to get at that energy and release it. Sometimes doing yoga can release it. Sometimes EFT can release it. If your problem is physical pain in a joint then physical therapists and massage therapists can use body manipulation to stretch and strengthen the area while at the same time nutritionists can work with foods and supplements that provide your body with the basic nutrition it needs to rebuild muscle tissue. Some issues involve medication or surgery as part of the process but essential oils can also be used as support. Every problem has multiple ways to pursue healing. There is very likely no one practice that will be the only cure.

That’s where your intuition comes in. Only you can decide how you want to pursue healing and with what resources. Sometimes you get lucky and the first thing you try works perfectly. That was my experience with my tooth enamel. Other things aren’t so easy. I’ve been working on my jaw clenching for years and have made a lot of progress, but still haven’t quite gotten rid of it. My body had a lot of emotional and physical layers of issues creating that problem which has made it very slow to heal. I keep working through stuff as it comes up one step at a time.

The body generally knows what it needs to heal. The hard part is getting the information so you can act on it. That’s why I love energy work. I found on my own journey that working with my energy allowed me to communicate more easily with my body and locate the root issues underlying problems. I spend a lot less time trying different things to see if they work (and believe me, I have tried a lot of different ways to heal!) and more time actually healing.

When I work with a client, it is always their body directing the work. Their body knows what it needs. I provide guidance and support as they work through the steps of what their body wants to accomplish. During coaching session we work on emotional and mental aspects of healing. During energy sessions we clear out blocks and support healing. That’s why I call myself a coach and energy worker, not a healer. At times all I can provide is information and options about what the body is telling me so my client can use their own intuition to decide what to do next. The healing is always in their own hands.

Person sorting pills into a pill organizer

There are a few additional points I’d like to make. First, you can choose to not pursue healing at all. That is an option many people make. Go to the doctor, get the prescription, and deal with what you have. There are options in the medical system to promote healing through surgeries, therapies, and medications. However, the system usually leans in favor of managing problems rather than healing them. Particularly for those tricky problems that don’t have immediately obvious physical causes. It is much more efficient (and lucrative) to prescribe a pill and tell you to deal with it. If you want to accept that as your final answer, then you are free to do so. Just know that you are choosing to avoid the issue rather than actually seek healing. You’ll very likely not heal by taking a pill to cover up the issue. ( Read Overdiagnosed

by Welch H. Gilbert or Overtreated by Shannon Brownlee for more about our medical system's bias toward fast diagnoses and medication.) Also, to be very clear, there are times when medication is very important for healing. Always get professional advice before going off any medication you are currently taking.

Second, healing is a process. I’ve been working diligently on my healing journey for 10 years now and I’m still not “healed.” There are things I’d love to see resolved but aren’t yet. Why does this happen? I’m not sure. There are lots of spiritual, metaphysical, and philosophical arguments to try to explain why healing doesn’t always happen when and how we want it to. I would never use that as an excuse to not pursue healing, but it is also why I would never guarantee complete healing of any particular issue. I always say that almost anything can be healed but that doesn't mean it will be. Your body knows what it needs and when it needs it. If I’m still dealing with issues, then I assume it is part of my journey to continue working on them. I don’t love admitting that reality, but I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you. If you are dealing with some big health issues that you want to see resolved, trust that your body knows what it needs to heal and follow your intuition on whatever path it sends you. Trust that if a complete resolution does not come about as quickly as you would like that there is a reason for that too.

Woman doing yoga on the beach at sunset

Third, some people are very out of touch with their bodies and their minds which makes trusting yourself to know what you need a very difficult thing. Some disassociate from their bodies as a way to deal with trauma. If this is you, please go get help from a certified therapist or psychologist who will help you safely get back in touch with your body and emotions. Talk therapy won’t get you there. You need someone experienced in many of the new leading therapies such as EMDR, EFT, therapeutic yoga, neurofeedback, play therapy, Internal Family Systems, etc. that reconnect your mind and body. Other people who don’t have major trauma in their lives may still have long standing habits of ignoring their own needs. If you are struggling with knowing how you feel emotionally or physically, get back in touch with your body and mind. Yoga, meditation, massage, and more are wonderful places to begin. Your body is trying to communicate to you. If you are used to tuning it out, it will take some time to slow down enough to hear its messages again.

All healing is self-healing. You are in charge of your healing journey. That means that the answers you need are inside. There are many resources on my blog to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom to find the way forward. There are tons of other options out there too. Just be suspicious of any “healers” offering up promises they may not be able to keep. They are not in charge of your healing, you are. You are the only one who can decide what your best options are. Ask good questions, be open to unusual things, and be safe in whatever you try. Your body is able to heal and knows how to get there. Start your journey today and see where it takes you!

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