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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only work with people remotely?

For a number of reasons (including Covid-19) remote work is the best option right now. Technology makes long-distance coaching easy. Also, I love doing remote energy sessions because it allows me to focus on your energy body without distractions. It can also be very relaxing for you to receive your session wherever you want and you don’t need to jump off a treatment table to rush back home. Distance work can take place anytime and anywhere, so we are not limited by time or location. 


What should I expect from a remote coaching session?

We will schedule a time to connect remotely by phone or video chat. Coaching sessions are generally about an hour. We talk about the places where you feel stuck and what your future goals are. I then select tools that fit your situation and teach you everything you need to move forward.  By the end of the session you will have specific action steps to take to help you start creating your best life. I generally follow up a few days after a coaching session to see how you are doing and if you need any further support. 


What should I expect from a remote energy session?

I will an energy sessions at scheduled time when you know you will be home. Everyone experiences an energy session in their own way. Some of the most common reactions are deep relaxation, sleep, and a feeling of peace. This is why I suggest that you do NOT receive a session while you are at work, driving, or otherwise occupied. Less common reactions may include a tingling sensation, seeing colors, fatigue, excess energy, or emotional feelings. After the session, most people feel calm, clear-headed, and lighter in the days following a session. It is highly recommended that you give yourself extra time to relax, drink plenty of water, and reflect on the changes you feel. After a session I send you a detailed email describing all we did and any action steps I suggest you take based on what came up. We usually touch base a few days after the session to see how you feel and what further support you need. 

How do remote energy sessions work?

Energy is unlimited and unbounded by time and space. Quantum physics has proven that we are all energetically connected at a sub-atomic level. Sending Reiki and IET® energy from 100 miles away is just as easy as sending it from one foot away. Remote energy therapy can be just as or even more powerful than in-person sessions because I concentrate solely on your energy body and sending energy to where you need it most. It can take place anytime and anywhere you want it to!


How many coaching or energy sessions do you think I need and how often?

That is completely up to you. You are in charge of your own healing. Some people find life-changing improvements after one session. Others need more sessions to work through many layers of energy holding them back. Some want to meet every week. Others find that once a month is plenty. I find that most people know when they are ready to move on with their healing work and contact me to schedule another session. Trust your own intuition and let me know when you are ready! If you aren't ready for a full coaching or energy session, I offer mini-sessions to established clients that will keep you moving toward your goals.


Do you have suggestions for after a coaching or energy session?

The session may only happen for an hour, but the healing will go on for hours, days, or even weeks after we work together. The work I do with energy and coaching goes deep and allows your body and mind to heal things you may not even realize are there. During the time after a session, use the suggestions below to take care of yourself.

  • Drink plenty of water, herbal tea, kombucha, or other healing drinks

  • Leave time for rest

  • Do some low-stress exercise such as walking, swimming, playing ball, yoga, or bike riding

  • Notice what comes up for you. Is an issue feeling less stressful? Are you seeing new ways to deal with a current problem? Does your body feel different?

  • Take some time to note these things. Jot ideas down in a notebook, take time to journal, or talk to a trusted friend.

  • Trust yourself to know when are ready for another session.


Can anything and everything be healed?

Yes, anything can be healed, but not everything will. Illness and challenges can be in our lives for the purpose of stimulating growth and learning. Although we may really want them to be gone, they may be the very thing pushing us forward into the life we are meant to live. In these cases, energy work and coaching can help you understand the function of an obstacle and bring you peace as you learn to live through the lessons presented to you.

Can I just give it a try?

Sure! Just fill out the form on the Contact Me page and request a free consultation so I can answer all your questions!

Payment and Cancellation policy

Electronic payment is expected at least 12 hours before a session. If payment is not received, we will reschedule the session for a later time. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, please give at least 24 hours of notice. If for some reason I need to cancel or reschedule, I will also give you 24 hours of notice.  Session payment will be refunded if we have to cancel and cannot reschedule. Payments will be processed through PayPal or Wave Invoicing. PayPal funds or credit cards are accepted.


Any information shared in our discussions or energy sessions are completely confidential. I do not discuss clients with other clients.


Working with minors

I only work with minors under the age of 18 with the permission of their parents/guardians. The parents/guardians are encourage to be involved in the discussions before and after the energy sessions.


Energy therapies such as Reiki, IET®, and EFT are not a substitute for medical treatment or medications. Energy healing practitioners do not give medical advice, diagnose medical conditions, or prescribe medication. Energy work is not intended to replace any treatment or advice by a licensed medical professional. Physical or mental medical conditions should be cared for by a professional health care provider. Energy therapy complements professional health care by a licensed practitioner as well as other healing modalities such as chiropractic work. Energy provide deep relaxation, stress release, and emotional clearing that support healing. They are intended to supplement traditional health care, not replace it.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact me!

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