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Emotional Freedom Technique

Often called EFT Tapping, this energy technique combines the use of acupressure points with verbal processing of memories, emotions, events, or physical problems. There are times when your body manifests pain, disease, or other forms of imbalance in order to get your attention that energy is stuck. Thinking of an issue while tapping clears any blocks in your energy meridians and opens your body up to begin healing again. The EFT process is easy to learn and can be practiced by anyone. There are hundreds of books and websites available to help you learn how to do EFT Tapping on your own. Learning how to tap can provide the support you need to work through challenging memories, experiences, or situations in a safe and caring environment.

Image by Jonathan Jato

Try It

Still not sure what think? I get it. I thought it was all pretty weird at first. It was a relief to talk to someone about it before I committed to anything. That's why I want to give you a chance to try it out for yourself. Send me a message on the Contact Me page for a free consultation and/or a free ten minute healing session. There is no obligation and no mailing list. I'm happy to answer all your questions and let you try a mini session for free. Maybe this is the thing that finally moves you through to the healing you want.

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