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My Background

Katie Dunbar owner of Harmonious Renewal in a garden

Somewhere in my mid-30s I found myself completely unsatisfied with life. I had constant digestive issues and was unable to eat most foods. My food restrictions made it hard travel, go hiking, and be as active as I wanted to be. I had a job I occasionally loved but mostly hated getting out of bed for every day. I felt exhausted most of the time. My mood swings scared me sometimes with their intensity. No doctors or experts had any suggestions for me other than medication and vague diagnoses. I wanted desperately to make changes, but felt completely stuck.

I knew that if I wanted a new life, I'd have to take some risks and attempt something different. Over the next few years I tried many alternative therapies such as ART, NET, acupuncture, yoga, essential oils, and more. Everything helped a little and I learned from each. However, it wasn't until I discovered Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) that my life changed rapidly. Together these energy therapies helped me find freedom from many of my issues (read more about this here).

Kayaking in Mexico

Baja, Mexico in February 2020

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

Now that my body is returning to balance, I feel physically and emotionally better. I've worked through fears and limitations keeping me stuck. In 2019 I retired from 16 years as a public school librarian/teacher to start working toward something new (read more of this story here). I have become a Reiki Master and an IET® Master-Instructor. I have had adventures in the US and Mexico. I've been dreaming of a life that doesn't involve a 9-5 job or staying inside. I'm determined to maximize the things that I love to get the most joy out of my life. I'm still not sure where I am going, but I am definitely on my way. Harmonious Renewal has been born out of my passion to help others step out of their limitations and discover their own best life.

Grand Canyon in November 2019

My Approach

Many people do coaching, IET®, Reiki, and EFT as separate and distinct practices. You sign up for the session you want and that is what you get. I prefer to be a little more flexible since your needs will change as you travel through your healing journey. I spend a lot of time listening to the people I work with and crafting a program that meets their unique needs. Together we talk about your goals, discuss what might be holding you back, and then use the too or technique that will be most effective to get you where you want to do. You are ultimately in charge of your own healing. I am here to offer these tools to get you there. Together we will work to listen to your body and find the best way forward.

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