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Are you stuck?

Have you been looking at your life lately wondering, "How did I get here?" Maybe your health has taken a nosedive. Maybe your relationship has crumbled. Maybe you've realized that you hate your job or that you spend most of your week doing things that wear you out. Or perhaps you are finally recognizing that there is a lot of emotional baggage and fear holding you back.

Facing any one of these can be devastating. Knowing how to move through them can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you don't have to do the work alone.

Katie Dunbar owner of Harmonious Renewal standing on bridge in Perkasie, PA

I was stuck too

My name is Katie and I know what it feels like to be stuck. In my 20s and 30s I had an abundance of food sensitivities that limited my traveling and socializing. I was often exhausted and uncomfortable. I had a job that I sometimes loved and sometimes hated, but always struggled with. I tried so many things to heal my body, but nothing worked for long. It wasn't until I realized that my issues were more than physical that I made progress toward transforming my life. I had to examine my emotions, thoughts, and beliefs in order to find the way toward healing. 

I found a way through

I've have come to believe that we are all able to heal if we are willing to do the mental, emotional, and physical work that will remove the blocks holding us back. As we do this, we become better in touch with our true selves and can start to live our best lives.

On my journey of self-healing I tried to all kinds of techniques and tools that put me in touch with the deepest parts of my mind and body. I took classes and read books. I visited holistic healers and coaches. I did a whole lot of stuff I thought was weird just to discover what worked. I've done a lot of healing and have gone a long way to creating the life and health I want.

Image by Sime Basioli

I believe you can heal

Now I help people like you who are stuck find their way to their own best lives. I believe that everyone is able to heal if they can learn to listen to the messages their body and mind are sending them and follow through on what those messages are telling them to do.

I use all the best techniques I have learned to helped you heal yourself. Over the years I have collected effective tools from psychology, energy work, coaching, and life design that help you get in touch with your body and mind in order to give them what is needed for true, deep healing.

Flexible Sessions

I don't think there is any one-size-fits-all program. What you need is someone to hear your unique story and help you forge your own path to your best life. I have found that the powerful combination of individualized coaching and energy sessions are exactly what you need to help you get unstuck.


In energy sessions, I use Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy®, crystals, and more to go deep into your energy body and clear whatever is keeping your body from healing. When it is your limiting beliefs, emotional baggage, or patterns of thought that are holding you back we turn to coaching. Together, we find the way through your challenges and toward the life you want to create.


Learn More

Want more details about what I do? Check out the links below or Contact Me.

Try It

Still not sure what think? I get it. This is a very different way to approach health and wellness. You are welcome to get in touch and talk to me about your questions before committing to anything. Send me a message on the Contact Me page for a free consultation. We can talk about your situation and decide if this is the next right step for you. 

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